The Number Seven (AKA 7)

Millennials might not recognize this or even know of it, despite the allure of the fabled "lucky number seven", it is actually a very threatening number. An old story passed through the generations before social media and technology was in it's prime. That story alluded to the number seven being quite violent, even cannibalistic. Without going into too much detail, it's a harrowing tale wherein the number seven ate nine.


Blog posts are meant to unite us. Bring us to a moment in our lives and touch our soul. Unfortunately for the number one, well... is the loneliest number. People are weary of lone facts or snippets of interesting knowledge. They don't trust it. Would you eat at a restaurant with only one patron? Exactly. So why would you read a blog post advertising only one topic or supporting fact to do so. 


Imagine yourself as Robert Muldoon, the official game warden in Jurassic Park. The shotgun toting, short short khaki'd hero. Imagine yourself, walking around the park, only to encounter a velociraptor face to face, and just after you mutter one last epic line, you're attacked from both sides. Why? Because raptors hunt in packs of three. Know what else happens in threes? Bad things. Don't ever use the number three to lure people to your blog post, ever.


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