For the first event of it's kind in Toronto, I have to say it was refreshingly amazing. After-work functions for any industry tend to be a little light in the fun slash amusing slash informative department. Kathleen TeixeiraJeff Waldman,Tim Baker and I'm sure a few others behind the scenes made DisruptHR's event in Toronto as awesome as the kid in my cover photo.

Here's a really quick rundown of who spoke and about what:

Greg Pantelic got us laughing and thinking fast with a powerful presentation on the future of the HR industry as a whole.

Jeanette Da Luz brought us to the future by giving some great insight into some of the realities in schools and how companies will have to adapt to bridge those gaps.

Catharine Fennell showed us how today's social media platforms are altering the comfort level of being on camera and how video interviews are quickly shifting from a novelty to an expectation and preference.

Andrew Cudmore played us this video and brought a selfie stick for a group photo.

Kim Pope showed us the dangers of having a weak interview experience for candidates and how it can be prevented with predictive analytics. Very cool.

Edwin Jansen introduced us to an old idea, that makes some people nervous but ultimately strengthens companies and the people in them. Eliminating managers.Here's a great primer on some of the companies that have taken that leap.

Chi-Chi Egbo came as an ambassador for the freelancers of the world. Plus she used examples and slides from The Breakfast Club so if she had a mic to drop, nobody would have been mad if she did.

Sylvain Bergeron broke up the event with a Coach purse give away and promised to come back next time with a talk on why sales guys aren't always the enemy.

Lisa Silcox showed us how we're leaving money on the table by not exploiting the existing value programs we have in place and how that can be as painful to a business as stepping on a lego.

Andrew Cudmore came back to top his 1st presentation by crushing it with a hilarious and truly personal example that translated perfectly on to how to motivate employees.

That's when I had to leave early but I'm told that:

Paul Dodd and Kim Pope came out and talked about building an epic talent acquisition solution for the ever-changing world of recruitment.

Debra Watkinson shared her thoughts on employee engagement, and why we need to "divorce" ourselves from quick-solutioneering approaches like perks and parties and instead focus on the user/employee experience.  

And finally Adam Cooper talked about how to build a team of talent acquisition specialists like an NHL GM would. Insert obligatory Leafs joke here. Building a team of a core 2-4 people to help influence the rest is a good starting point.

All in all, awesome event, great energy, amazing people and really glad to hear rumors of it happening again soon. If you're in the business of people this is definitely an event to check out next time it happens. Happy disrupting.


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